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How to Build a Strong Social-Media Presence

Can you really do social media in 30 minutes each day successfully? When I see article titles or headlines claiming that you can automate your posts and work smarter on your social network by doing this or that, I think to myself, Really?

Running a social-media strategy is just like any other process: It takes time. There are no shortcuts, you just need to be agile. When you decide to join social media, make sure that your strategy is not just “post and run”.  Here are some strategic steps you can take to build a strong social-media presence:

When folks hear about online reputation management, they oftentimes have the impression it revolves around strategic public relations responses and muting Internet trolls. While your typical online reputation management company is happy to have you think their hard work goes toward such seemingly exciting endeavors, the truth is that the overwhelming majority of protecting an online …