Our Services

Quality. User-Focused. Strategic.

A large part of our work solves our clients’ challenges through our professional services.

Blu Mountain Creative’s designs/campaigns are successful because we believe in the power of the user. With each and every project we collaborate on, the user’s experience is our priority. From designs to strategy, we will help develop a branding strategy that positions your company for growth in awareness, recall, and experience by ensuring the finished product is engaged visually and intellectually.

Creative Design

We make things pretty and easy to use for the user.

Web Development

We make sure your website shows up on major search engines, is easy to navigate, and visually appealing.

Digital Marketing

We help develop digital design and strategy that ensures your social media game is engaging to your users.

Email Marketing

We help design and develop email campaigns that will help capture more leads and create more conversions.

Not just an average creative agency. We make “stuff” work, then make it work better.

We're all about the user.

We understand that building a successful brand for your business is tough. At Blu Mountain Creative, we will hold your hand every step of the way. It’s important to us that our clients are as much involved in the creative process as the want to be.

We are Experienced

With over 12 years of combined experience, we know common hurdles to avoid and solutions to challenges that often occur.

We are Educated

How many Creative Agencies have you worked with where all three partners have a Masters degree? I bet not many. With backgrounds in Emerging Media, we are training to find innovation solutions to digital and design problems.

We are Relatable

We're not suit and tie. Working with us is like working with old friends. When we work with out clients, we use terminology that everyone understands and concepts easy to grasp. None of the techy industry jargon here!