Computer Assistance

Computer Assistance:
Size Type Starting Price
Home Networking (1-3 Electronic Devices) $45 (1-hour)
$60 (2-hor)
Office Networking (3+ Electronic Devices) $50 (1-hour)
$65 (2-hour)
Home Troubleshooting/Repair (1-3 Electronic Devices) $55 (1-hour)
$95 (2-hour)
Office Troubleshooting/Repair (3+ Electronic Devices) $60 (1-hour)
$105 (2-hour)
Home/Office Network Planning $75
Home/Office Software Installation $75
Home/Office Hardware Installation $50

*Price is subject to change. Project will be quoted after consultation.

***If customer completes the design questionnaire, a $25 discount will be credited to final price listed on the invoice. To view or download customer questionnaire, click here.

Note: All customers are subject to signing an art contract as well as 25% of quoted price, before project is started. To view the contract, click here.