Benefits of Choosing Us

Why Choose Our Awesome Group?

Our clients choose Blu Mountain Expressions because of our highly creative souls and extensive marketing experience. We partner with a wide range of clients throughout the state of Georgia. Our clients represent all types of industry including, retail, residential services, wealth management, legal, and medical based companies. At Blu Mountain Expressions, our clients are THE most important part of our business. So, below you will find our philosophy on customer service, the design process, and how we want to run our business. After all, it’s all about our customers!

1. Keep the client happy and no one gets hurt. We try to include our client’s needs, including ideas that can’t always be articulated, as well as provide graphically appealing elements. Our designers are infused with creativity and excellence that hopefully gains popularity as our company ages.

2. Knowledge is everything. The more we know about our client’s company/organization, the better equipped we are to finding a visual representation of what your company/organization is all about. Furthermore, we aim to keep our skills and imagination sharp to better serve our clients by keeping up with the newest design concepts, techniques, and processes.

3. Fast is better than slow. Unlike the phrase, “You get what you pay for,” we know our client’s time is valuable, so when a project is brought to us, we know that most clients want the project completed yesterday. However, we will never sacrifice quality for speed. Nothing that leave Blu Mountain Expressions will be anything less than creative, original, and exactly what the client wants.

4. Word of mouth sells. We have devoted very little of our budget to advertisement. We believe if we do our job right, keep the client happy, and provide a piece of excellence with each and every design, our clients will keep coming back and often times will refer a friend. Blu Mountain Expressions started with one client and through word of mouth has grown ten times larger over the past year.

5. You can make money without playing dirty. We “do unto other as we would have them do unto” us. We do not steal from other companies, talk negatively about our companies or our problem clients, and will will not inflate out prices just because our client might be able to afford them. We stay competitive, push each other to be better, display sportsmanship, and believe that practice makes perfect. Basically, we run our business like a sports teams.

6. You can be serious without a suit. We believe a company can be successful and professional without a tie or pantyhose. Our designers’  more creative work flows when they are most comfortable, therefore, all we require from our designers are shirts and shoes… similar to the requests of most fancy restaurants.

7. Networking is everything. As stated above, to maintain positive working relationships with the business community, we try our best to recommend those we are connected with to clients or business’ that are in need. If you would like to connect with us, please do so, and maybe we can connect you with others in need.

8. Be affordable. We will match prices of the top competitors around us. However, nine times out of ten, Blu Mountain Expressions will be the most affordable prices in town. Keep in mind, we still have to eat, so, nothing can ever be free… unless you are a worthy non-profit organization with a tax identification number, then you might qualify for charity work. The point is, we know you have to feed your family, therefore, never will we ask for an arm, leg, or your first born (unless they are proficient at mopping floors… just kidding).

Our Process

  • CONSULTING: We will meet with you before any work is done to formulate a game plan based upon your needs. We will team up to determine your project goals, target audience, and projected timeline. Throughout the projects, we will discuss ideas and thoughts about the design and current direction of the project.
  • THE GAME PLAN: After discussing your goals and needs, we will come up with a strategic plan that will help us carry the project from inception to completion with as little hick-ups and delays as possible.
  • DESIGN: The design process will consist of our talented team taking your project “sketches” and turning them into reality. We will develop the concert based upon your target audience, your company’s needs, and current industry trends.
  • EXECUTION: In order for us to execute the design, we will need our clients approval on each leg of the project. Once the project is approved, our designers will start coding away to layout the “bones” of your project. Through collaboration with our clients and innovated thought, the end result will be a page out of a fairy tales, better yet… your ideas brought to life.

Benefits of Choosing Us

Some of the main benefits are:

  • We are a top of the line company with designers who have formal training, certificates, and are award winners in their fields.
  • We provide inexpensive, quality designs that any company can afford.
  • Our services have very quick turn-around rates.
  • We create custom websites that are easy to use, cost effective, secure, dependable, and gives your business a base for a professional and interactive online presence.
  • Our websites are equipped with Content Managing Systems that are browser-based and doesn’t need any HTML editing or FTP software. That means that you can login from any computer and manage your site. You can even login with your smartphone and make changes while on the move.
  • Our sites are known to be loved by Google and other search engines, thus can quickly become indexed and rise in the search engine rankings.
  • Our graphic design solutions are time-less, innovative, and visually communications with an audience of what it is that your company does, along with provides an upscale, professional look that will ensure that your business stands out from the rest.

Why does a company need great graphic design and a web presence, though?

Today the internet is a huge thing and it can be used to display information in many different and effective ways. Surprisingly, a lot of small businesses do not take advantage of the internet in order to promote their business. A lot of the time it’s because business owners don’t know what the web can offer them and the effectiveness it can have on their business today. In today’s internet age, every company requires a web presence to be competitive… and yes, I mean EVERY company. Quite often the first place somebody goes to research a product or service is the internet. You absolutely have to be able to provide your potential client with as much information as you can… instantly. If you can’t you’ve lost. That client is already shopping elsewhere. Almost 230,000,000 people are on the internet everyday in North American. It’s fairly obvious that a company website presents an enormous marketing opportunity. So what does all of this have to do with good graphic design? Having marketing materials that are distinctive and memorable can appeal to a wide demographic resulting in increased sales and market share. Blu Mountain Expressions has a design staff with the knowledge and skill to create attention grabbing, award winning materials that will help your company stand out in the crowd.

What is Graphic Design?

So, what exactly does graphic design mean? Graphic design refers to a profession that focuses on a combination of artistic presentation, visual communication and influential delivery of a message. A variety of methods can be used to combine words and creative imagery to tell a story, sell a product, present an opinion… the list can go on and on, but essentially it’s a combination of visually impactful images and words used to get a point across. Graphic design is used in all sorts of media from radio and TV advertisements to product packaging, web design, magazine layouts but again, the list goes on and on. So what is it that differentiates between good graphic design and bad graphic design and why is it important to you and your business? Good graphic design, in it’s most basic form is is about effective communication, effectively targeted. The goal of every marketing campaign should be to clearly communicate your message to your chosen target market. Vibrant and effective graphic design can help your message stand out. The catchphrase, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it!” – is a fundamental truth in effective advertising and marketing but it’s not a complete statement. Your message must be clear and well targeted too. One of the simplest but, often the most overlooked, aspects of good graphic design is a professionally developed and rendered logos. A logo should represent a corporate brand that is easily recognized and communicates to the customer exactly what it is you do. A strong logo gives you instant credibility and presents a professional appearance. Unfortunately a fair number of start up businesses decide to “save” money and develop a logo themselves, or worse yet they get their friend who “knows how to draw” to put something together for them. You might save some money but in the end you only leave potential clientele with an unprofessional and less than polished image of yourself. Once you have your logo, stationery for all your business communications is the next step. Branded business cards, letterhead and envelopes all present a consistent image of your company and it keeps your brand in front of a potential client. Advertising collateral can come in all shapes and forms, from wrapping a bus in a mobile billboard to direct mail delivered right to somebody’s door. Whatever it though, it must grab your targets attention.