About Us

Our clients choose Blu Mountain Expressions because of our highly creative souls and extensive marketing experience. We partner with a wide range of clients throughout the state of Georgia. Our clients represent all types of industry including, retail, residential services, wealth management, legal, and medical based companies. At Blu Mountain Expressions, our clients are THE most important part of our business. Learn more about us and how we could be the right fit for your marketing/design needs.

Meet Our Team:

J. Ashley Panter, Blu Mountain ExpressionsJ. Ashley Panter, CEO/Creative Director

J. Ash is a digital marketing specialist and has over 8 years professional experience in the fields of graphic design, social media, and website design. She is a graduate of Augusta State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and a Minor degree in Art.

Panter is a rare find as a marketing expert as she not only has training in targeting an audience and engaging their interest, but also in the areas of marketing, graphic design, website design and management, social media marketing, and web analytics.

Unlike most marketing professionals, she understands both the marketing world, as well as the technology world. Panter tents to be a great mediator between the marketing world and the technology world to help translate concepts into functional designs.

I have the drive, creativity, and the passion for art that inspires me to be the best of the best,” Panter says. “As a designer, I try to be as creative as possible. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get away from things that fascinate and inspire me. I find inspiration everywhere.

Fun Fact: J. Ash played collegiate golf and was nationally ranked in the top 20 females as a JUCO player her Freshman year. She also played Outside Center for the Augusta Furies Womens Rugby Football Club while living in Augusta, GA and attending Augusta State University.

Benefits of Choosing Our Team:

  • We are a top of the line company with a team of professionals with formal training, certificates, and are award winners in their fields.
  • We provide premium, quality designs that are affordable.
  • We create custom websites that are easy to use, cost effective, secure, dependable, and gives your business a base for a professional and interactive online presence.
  • Our websites are equipped with Content Managing Systems that are browser-based and doesn’t need any HTML editing or FTP software. That means that you can login from any computer and manage your site. You can even login with your smartphone and make changes while on the move.
  • Our sites are known to be loved by Google and other search engines, thus can quickly become indexed and rise in the search engine rankings.
  • Our graphic design solutions are timeless, innovative, and visually communications with an audience of what it is that your company does, along with provides an upscale, professional look that will ensure that your business stands out from the rest.

Our Philosophy:

Keep the client happy and no one gets hurt. We try to include our client’s needs, including ideas that can’t always be articulated, as well as provide graphically appealing elements. Our designers are infused with creativity and excellence that hopefully gains popularity as our company ages.

Knowledge is everything. The more we know about our client’s company/organization, the better equipped we are to finding a visual representation of what your company/organization is all about. Furthermore, we aim to keep our skills and imagination sharp to better serve our clients by keeping up with the newest design concepts, techniques, and processes.

Quality is better than quantity. Although we know most of our clients want their projects “like yesterday,” we will never sacrifice quality for speed. Nothing that leaves Blu Mountain Expressions will be anything less than creative, original, and exactly what the client wants with the BME seal of approval.

Word of mouth sells. We have devoted very little of our budget to advertisement. We believe if we do our job right, keep the client happy, and provide a piece of excellence with each and every design, our clients will keep coming back and often times will refer a friend. Blu Mountain Expressions started with one client and through word of mouth has grown ten times larger over the past year.

You can make money without playing dirty. We “do unto other as we would have them do unto” us. We do not steal from other companies, talk negatively about our companies or our problem clients, and will will not inflate out prices just because our client might be able to afford them. We stay competitive, push each other to be better, display sportsmanship, and believe that practice makes perfect. Basically, we run our business like a sports teams.

You can be serious without a suit. We believe a company can be successful and professional without a tie or pantyhose. Our designers’  more creative work flows when they are most comfortable, therefore, all we require from our designers are shirts and shoes… similar to the requests of most fancy restaurants.

Networking is everything. As stated above, to maintain positive working relationships with the business community, we try our best to recommend those we are connected with to clients or business’ that are in need. If you would like to connect with us, please do so, and maybe we can connect you with others in need.

Be affordable. We will match prices of the top competitors around us. However, nine times out of ten, Blu Mountain Expressions will be the most affordable prices in town. Keep in mind, we still have to eat, so, nothing can ever be free… unless you are a worthy non-profit organization with a tax identification number, then you might qualify for charity work. The point is, we know you have to feed your family, therefore, never will we ask for an arm, leg, or your first born (unless they are proficient at mopping floors… just kidding).