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Blu Mountain Expressions is a luxury design experience.

We understand that building a successful brand for your business is tough. Like many of our clients will tell you, we will hold your hand every step of the way. At Blu Mountain Creative, we want our clients to be as involved as the want to be in the process. We are firm believer in sitting back and LISTENING to our clients needs and then coming up with a solution to their branding/design problems. With Blu Mountain Creative, we will bring your design ideas to life.

  • Branding & Identity
  • Small Business Web Development
  • Social Media Plan Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Advertising Campaign Development
Creative Design

Tired of cutting and pasting clip-art and having a logo with a white background? Let BME create a visually appealing and iconic logo that’s unique to YOUR brand. We help align your external brand with the core values and internal identity of your company.

Web Development

Having a great website is important to any small business… and it shouldn’t break the bank. We can help create an affordable, responsive, user-friendly website that is extremely search engine optimized.

Digital Marketing

Not sure sure which social media channel is right for your business? Can’t figure out how to craft that perfect message and capture customer engagement? Let us help! We know all of the tricks to ensure Facebook, Insta, Twitter, etc. push your post to the top of your target audience’s feed.

With several awards under our belts, we know what it takes
to produce quality design.

Graphic Design,
and User Experience

Blu Mountain Creative will help ensure your brand awareness achieves growth with each and every project we tackle. Our designs/campaigns are successful because we play close attention to the user's experience. We ensure that with each and every project developed, the user is engaged visually and intellectually.
Branding & Identity

You know who you are, but telling the world what you’re all about isn’t always so easy. At Blu Mountain Creative, we will help establish and build your brand based upon your company values and vision. We will help ensure your vision and message is clear and consistent across all your materials.

Digital Marketing & Web

Not sure if your web presence is competing in your industry? Need a review? Let us help. We can help you determine your search engine page rank and help discover which pieces of the SEO puzzle are missing. We are millienials and can also show you a thing or two about social media and how to effectively market your company digitally. Did you know using certain words in Facebook posts can result in a reduced audience reach? Most people don’t! Let us help you develop a digital marketing plan that will engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Creative Design

The majority of the communication “nowa days” is visual and more often… digital. Having attractive stuff that reflects your marketing message is crucial as it ensures that your “brand” talks to the largest audience as possible without losing track of who you are. Blu Mountain Expressions can help bring your content ideas to life and ensure your business looks professional and innovative.


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We aren't your typical creative agency... we have so many great friends that refer us, sometimes, we can't manage every client. So, to ensure that we only take on clients when we can develop 100% of our attention to them and ensure that we produce top notch work, we ask that new clients apply to work with us.
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